Welcome to Maliba Trust

Benefiting the people of Lesotho

A Partnership for the future

The Maliba Development Trust was established in October 2009 with the aim to help the community meet the ecological and social needs of the people of Lesotho. The Trust champions hands-on learning and social empowerment. Together with participating Schools and Maliba Lodge the local community is assisted to take responsibility and ownership of their future.

The Maliba Development Trust consists of representatives from within the local community with a goal to identify, plan and finance projects that will help the local community.

Maliba Lodge assists through its management and staff who provide additional funding, equipment, support and guidance for the various community programs.

Lending a helping hand

You can make a difference to these childrens lives.

School children in LesothoVISION: The primary objective of the Trust will be to advance the educational, economic and social quality of life of our local Mountainside community through the improvement of educational opportunities and resources, creation and improvement of employment opportunities and entrepreneurial effort, and to establish and sustain community facilities.

MISSION: A number of qualifying local schools have been selected to participate in the first stage of these projects. Each school has established a committed team made up of both teachers, parents and scholars who will take ownership / responsibility for the initiatives.


Making an investment in Lesotho's future

Each School has undertaken to include both teachers and scholars to improve its environment and grow vegetables as away to teach and provide a sustainable income that will be reinvested into the schools.

In the classroom