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Amongst UFO watchers, Lesotho is most famous for the so called “Lesotho Incident” in which a UFO was supposed to have crashed in Lesotho in 1995 and is alleged to have been covered up by the authorities.

Welcome to this edition of The Blanket Wrap

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Blanket Wrap! The newsletter where you are kept up-to-date with all the news and views of the magnificent mountain kingdom of Lesotho. In this edition:

We take a further look at the great king Moshoeshoe I and why the Basotho people hold him in such high esteem.

Two Australian teachers Lidia and Kaye spent two weeks in the community teaching children, training teachers and learning a few things themselves.

In the activity focus this month we focus on mountain biking and what Lesotho has to offer our intrepid two wheeled friends.

The first "Guest" article focuses on the wonders awaiting birders when they visit the mountain Kingdom. Make sure you pack your binoculars.

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About Lesotho

King of the Basotho

King Moshoeshoe I

Moshoeshoe is widely credited as the architect of the mighty Basotho nation – a nation with its own culture, language, customs and territory.

"In terms of achievement, he (Moshoeshoe) was one of the most successful South Africans of the nineteenth century; in terms of perception, one of the most far-sighted. In a period of conflict, he strove for peace, and his tolerance and humanity far transcended the bigotry and racialism of so many around him." - Peter Sanders

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Current News

Lidia & Kaye

Australian teachers learn whilst teaching

“We came to teach and ended up learning.”

That was the response of  two Australian teachers, Lidia Mancini and Kaye Young, who travelled to the highlands of Lesotho to help in the education of  local youngsters.

Mancini and Young, who are from a high profile Melbourne school, Peninsular Grammer, have just completed a month’s stint at Maliba Lodge, running workshops and helping teachers and pupils at the local schools.

“We thought we were going over on this noble quest to teach all these poor people but we ended up learning so much about ourselves,” said music teacher Mancini.

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Village life with Juliana

Village life

My Impoverished Village isn't so Poor

I have recently begun to see my village in a new light.  Going on vacation, spending time with people who’ve never lived in a developing country (basically me nine months ago), made me realize how much Lesotho has changed me.  I think Peace Corps changes everyone. 

Scott one of my friends back home, told me before I left that I could come back a different person, and the idea terrified me.  Living in completely new place, with my surroundings changing drastically was not nearly as scary a thought as myself changing. 

But with one-third of my service done, I think it’s been very good for me.  I’m not afraid of many things that I used to be, like spiders and poverty.  I’m much more patient and stronger. 

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Activity Focus

Lesotho MTB

Mountain Biking in Lesotho

Among the different adventure sports enjoyed in Lesotho, mountain biking occupies an important place. Lesotho takes bikers amidst the highest and most beautiful mountain ranges in Southern Africa. It has therefore become one of the more popular activities among the young adventure loving tourists who visit the mountain kingdom on a regular basis.

There are a number of popular MTB races held in or around Lesotho during the year. Here are just a few to wet your appetites.

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Guest Article:

Greater double-collared sunbird

Wing Beat by Fr. Tom Princelli

After my success with the rare blue swallow as number 2,000 on my world list, I figured things just couldn't get much better. I was proved wrong the following day.

On day 13 of our tour we ventured into Lesotho. Not only were the birds something to write home about but we were privileged to make the acquaintance of a new mammal, the so-apply named ice rat and two new herpes, Drakenberg crag lizard and mountain lizard.

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Upcoming Festivals and Events

Upcoming events from around the Maloti Route

April Highlights

21-25th April - Splashy Fen Festival
26th April - Lady Grey Fonduro

May Highlights

13-15th May - Royal Drakensberg Mountain Bike Challenge
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Joke of the month

Joke of the Month

Working on a computer all day has definitely messed with my girlfriend's view of reality.

We had just placed our lunch order, and as our waitress walked away she slipped in a wet spot on the floor.

"How about that?" Amy observed dryly. "Our server is down."

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