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The name "Lesotho" translates roughly into "the land of the people who speak Sesotho".

Welcome to this edition of The Blanket Wrap

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Blanket Wrap, The newsletter where you are kept up-to-date with all the news and views of the magnificent mountain kingdom of Lesotho. In this edition:

The Sani Pass has become synonymous with Lesotho but do you know how the pass came to be?

The 11th of March marks the 141st anniversary of King Moshoeshoe's death. Find out more about this remarkable leader and his story.

Katse dam is more than just a fantastic monument to mans engineering achievements. For tourists there is also a tour of the structure and botanical gardens to keep the whole family entertained.

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About Lesotho

Sani Pass

History of the Sani Pass

As most Lesotho adventure travelers are aware the Sani Pass is a must do on their travels around this little known country. Sani Pass is the only access from KwaZulu Natal to the Lesotho Highlands, the domain of the endangered Bearded Vulture, Basotho shepherds and their animals.

The Sani Pass was originally developed as a bridal path in 1913 which was primarily used as a trade route between South Africa and Mokhotlong. All goods were carried by pack mule.

Today is very different from those early years. The pass is mainly used for recreational purposes by hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists and 4x4 enthusiasts and to ferry migrant labourers between Lesotho and South Africa.

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Current News

King MoshoeshoeI

On this day The 11 of March, the Basotho’s long lived heritage comes back life as we honour the former life of king Moshoeshoe I, the great leader and founder of our beautiful Basotho nation.  “Moshoeshoe’s Day” brings the whole nation together in all ten districts of Lesotho for a commemoration of our king on the day of his death (11-03-1870).

However from the interviews I had with some of the staff member here at Maliba Lodge I gathered that this was how they also celebrated this day in the schools outside of Maseru.

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Village life with Juliana

Village life

Getting Away in Lesotho

My parents came to visit me in Lesotho a week ago. I tried to talk them into staying in my hut without electricity or running water with me, to see what my life was like. But when they heard I had bedbugs they decided the local five star lodge sounded a bit better.

Only five kilometers from my village and I had gotten completely away to a beautiful mountain sanctuary.

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Activity Focus

Lesotho 4x4 overlanding

Katse Dam Wall Tour

One of the many highlights of Lesotho is a visit to Katse Dam, centrepiece of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project which channels the water of the Lesotho Highlands via an incredible series of dams and tunnels through the mountains eventually coming out of the Ash River Outfall near the town of Clarens in South Africa's Free State province.

It was touted as the greatest engineering project in the southern hemisphere in the 1990's when it was under construction.

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Photo of the Month

Wild Orchids by Ann Simmonds

Sand stone cliffs of Golden Gate

And then we came to the Golden Gate National Park. It was difficult to believe that in all the travels that had been made around the country we had never been this way before.

The warm afternoon light was catching the rugged, yellow, sandstone cliffs, and more, many more photos had to be taken and we still had to get to Clarens for the night - a place that had been on the bucket list for a while. Clarens, of course was charming with its craft shops, restaurants and art galleries centred on the village square.

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Upcoming Festivals and Events

Upcoming events from around the Maloti Route

March Highlights

3rh March - Vintage Tractor Fair
5th March - Surrender Hill Marathon
11th March - Moshoeshoe Day
17th March - Rhodes Fly Fishing Festival
19th March - Garmin Wartrail Tri-Challenge
24th March - Lesotho Wild Run

April Highlights

21st April - Splashy Fen Festival
26th March - Lady Grey Fonduro
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Joke of the month

Joke of the Month

I went to a book store and tried to find a "Where's Waldo" book, but I couldn't find one anywhere...

Well played, Waldo, well played.

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