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“Lesotho (le-soo-too) is Africa’s ‘kingdom in the sky’. Stunningly beautiful, nestled island-like in the middle of South Africa... ”

- Lonely Planet

Welcome to this edition of The Blanket Wrap

Welcome to the 5th edition of Blanket Wrap. The newsletter where you are kept up-to-date with all the news and views of the magnificent mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Christmas is around the corner and many families are planning holidays away, maybe even to Lesotho......? Wherever you go this festive season, travel safely and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

This month we continue with our Basotho Blanket series, only this time we show you "how to wear the Basotho blanket" like a real Basotho.

We explore "Lesotho's Natural Heritage" of its National Parks and Nature Reserves.

And provide some information for all those 4x4 drivers out there who have yet to "get onto the beaten track" during their explorations around Lesotho.

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About Lesotho

Basotho Blankets

How to wear a Basotho blanket

  1. Hold the blanket with the correct side for your gender facing outwards. If you're male, wear the darker side out. If you're a female, the lighter side should be on the outside. Ensure that the stripes are vertical and that the tag is at the bottom.
  2. Fold the blanket over at the top so that the blanket will not be too large on you when you wear it.
  3. Keeping the correct side facing outwards, drape the blanket over yourself so that the opening of the blanket is on your right side. If you're female, however, the opening should be in front of you. Remember to keep the stripes vertical, the correct side out, and the tag at the bottom.
  4. Pin the blanket at your right shoulder or front, depending on your gender. If you're male, pin it so that the pin is not visible. This can be tricky.
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Current News

Sehlabathebe National Park

Lesotho's Natural Heritage

The National parks and reserves of Lesotho are just as diverse that the country itself. Sehlabathebe boasts open grassland, lakes and striking rock formations. Ts'ehlanyane is awe-inspiring with its indigenous forests, wildlife and dominating mountain peaks. Bokong is perched high above Katse Dam and offers uninterrupted views of the Lepaqoa Valley, while Liphofung has unique cultural and historical significance.

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Village life with Juliana

Village life

The Rewards and Frustrations

I’ve been teaching and working at the local schools in rural Lesotho for six weeks now, walking up to seven miles a day while rotating between the schools. 

Teaching has been going very well, but at first it was overwhelming.  The first class I taught had over 120 students in it, the principal wanted grades 4 through 7 to attend the first class.  I had not prepared for that many students and had to improvise my lesson. 

I talked to the principal after class and we agreed that I would just teach life skills to 6th and 7th grades, still close to 50 students, but much more manageable.  The kids are very receptive and ask a lot of questions.  The younger students have trouble with English, but luckily at the two primary schools at least one teacher attends my class and is able to translate (while at the same time learning how to teach life skills themselves).

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4x4 Adventures

Lesotho 4x4 overlanding

Get ONTO the beaten track in Lesotho

The Lesotho Highlands offer some of the most fantastic off road driving you will encounter anywhere in Southern Africa. It is full of beautiful mountain passes (No less than nine of them) and deep river valleys with tremendous scenery where ever you look.

Since Lesotho is so mountainous, 4×4 vehicles make many parts of Lesotho far more accessible to the Lesotho traveller. Sani Pass for example, is a spectacular mountain road and well-known entry point into Lesotho from South Africa's KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg.

Known as the gateway to the 'Roof of Africa' scenic route, it links the spectacular scenery of the Drakensberg with the Maluti Mountains of northern Lesotho. Once at the top, visitors can have lunch at the highest pub in Southern Africa, Sani Top Chalets.

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Picture of the Month

Photo of the Month

Snow at Maliba Lodge

I’ve always heard about the wonders of a Lesotho winter with the landscape blanketed in Snow. Snow is Africa is something that’s almost unheard of, so it was a surprise when we woke up to this special view.

It was unfortunate that the park was still showing signs of fire damage but this only served to create a stark contrast to the fresh snow fall that covered the mountain peaks all around the lodge. Already there are signs of new spring growth so that it somewhat resembles a peppermint crisp.

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What's on in December

Upcoming events from around the Maloti Route

December Highlights

4th Dec - High Altitude Summer Marathon

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Joke of the month

Joke of the Month

In case you didn't know... Women are like Angels.

When someone breaks our wings....

We simply continue to fly....

On a broomstick....

"We're very flexible like that"

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Maliba Trust

You can be the difference in these children’s lives…

Read more about the Trust here.

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