Attention all bushwalkers, adventurers, mountaineers, birdwatchers, trekkers, nature lovers and photographers

Discover the jewel of southern Africa. Come explore and record the sights of Tsehlanyane National Park with Maliba Wilderness Society

Maliba Wilderness Society (MWS) is pleased to invite you to the Kingdom of Lesotho. We are based on the edge of Tsehlanyane National Park a remote highland park which offers over 5,600 hectares of largely unexplored and unphotographed terrain.

An offer to visit and add your unique contribution

We invite like-minded people of all nationalities to come to Lesotho and submit your photographs and words for others to enjoy.

Make your contribution

MWS had developed a website to exhibit your photographic and journalistic efforts.
So get your packs & camera and plan your trip to explore remote undiscovered caves, waterfalls and valleys in the mountains of the Kingdom of Lesotho. The best time to visit is between September to May.

Click here to see the current image gallery (kindly sponsored by Maliba Mountain Lodge).

Bird Plants Waterfall Valley

View the front gate of the Tsehlanyane National Park via Panoramio or enter these coords in Google Earth 28.927543S,28.427569E

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